I made a mistake on my tax return, what should I do?

If you made a mathematical error on your return, often times the IRS will automatically fix the error.  After correcting the mistake, the IRS will send you a notice that shows the changes made to your return (usually a CP11 or CP12).  Before correcting your return for a mathematical error, you may want to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to see if they have fixed it for you.

If you forgot to include a form or schedule to your return, it is very likely that the IRS will send you a notice requesting just the missing form(s) and/or schedule(s) which means you will not need to do anything other than send in the requested items. (more…)

How do I get my Tax Refund FAST?

RefundThe quickest way to get your refund is to e-file your tax return and have your refund directly deposited to your checking and/or savings account.

The IRS has certain dates on which they send direct deposits and when they mail paper checks. There is a seven day delay between the two dates which means that your direct deposit will be sent to your account(s) seven days before a paper check is even put in the mail.

The sending of your direct deposit refund could take as few as six days or as many as 15 days from the date that you filed your tax return. The reason for this is that returns are batched in groups by the IRS. Each group has a specific date span. For instance all returns e-filed between February 18th and February 25th will have their direct deposit refunds sent on March 5th or a paper check mailed on March 12th. The IRS has printed a convenient chart showing all 2010 dates through 10/21/2010. (more…)

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